Fabric filament roll

Fabric filament roll comes in length of 63” inches in various attractive colours .the thickness varies from 25 GSM to 140 GSM.the 90 GSM to 140 GSM roll comes in 200 mtr rolls and from 50 GSM to 90 GSM in 250 mtr rolls and less than 50 GSM in 500 mtr rolls.however,they are customizable according to customer needs.

U Cut Bags

U cut bags which are also known as t shirt bag are used in vegetable market, medical shops and various shops as a carry bag as it doesn’t choke the drainage systems on disposing.

D cut bags

D cut bags are used as shopping bags for sweet ,showrooms etc.the designed seal on all its sides make it look very good which gives a marketing edge.

Other applications

Non woven fabric is used in various fields in our daily life. It is used in apparel, automotive, consumer products, agriculture, electronics, filtration, furnishings, geotextiles, packaging, wipes etc,

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